What’s New at WineTree Vineyards?

Beamer’s memorial picture slideshow from June 2023.

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Aerial View of WineTree Vineyards during update construction

We have made a lot of changes at the Farm. We began in 2015 and completed them in 2023. We built a larger Winery where we produce and bottle all of our delightful wines. Our entrance driveway is improved and additional parking is available. We converted an existing building into a larger Gift Shop, Tasting Room, and added a kitchen. The aerial view shows our buildings and the areas where we moved tons of dirt in order to have more parking and an easier entrance and exit. You can also see our tent (the white rectangle, top left corner) that is up beginning Memorial Day Weekend through end of October and is there for your enjoyment!

Dozer work on the New Entrance
Frontenac grapes protected by bird netting
Construction on New Production Building

Reserve our new space for a special event or follow us on FaceBook or join our mailing list to hear about our special events. Each year in the fall, we host Date Night and sit around the fire pit and roast hotdogs, s’mores and more.

Beamer, the “Dapper” greeter
Birdhouses for the Farm
Fall Fire Pit