Our Story…

Craig and Candice Bandy, WineTree Vineyards

“Look Daddy, a wine tree!” my 5 year old exclaimed while looking up at an exotic dwarf plum tree bearing fruit that resembled grapes hanging from the bottom of an umbrella shaped tree.

The idea, the concept of WineTree the Farm, the Vineyard, and the Winery was moved a giant step forward, because now it had a name.

I have been making wine for over 30 years as an ever expanding hobby. Candice and I purchased the WineTree Farm in 2001 to expand our grape growing abilities.

We sold our first bottle of wine on Independence Day – July 4, 2008 as a Bonded Farm Winery in West Virginia.

As a West Virginia Farm Winery, we operate a Vineyard in addition to the Winery and grow grapes on the farm. In fact, all of the production, bottling, and processing is done on the farm.

We produce traditional style award winning dry white and red wines.

Delightfully sweet wines are also part of WineTree.

Come and experience the uniqueness of WineTree. We have a fine wine for everyone’s taste. Traditional wines that will pair nicely with your favorite foods or a sweet picnic wine for you and your favorite gal.

May your journey through life bring you to exciting discoveries like WineTree and we wish for you “Happy and Safe Voyages”.